Heating and A/C Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Summerville

Heating and cooling is big business in the Lowcountry, and your business fleet of vehicles must be noticeable. Ditch those boring and beat up service trucks for custom fleet wraps in Summerville from Wrapstar. 

Stand Out from the Competition

You want to stand out from the competition, but for all the right reasons. Dated or worn service trucks don’t reflect your brand in a way that captures attention and causes the public to remember your company. What impression do you want to leave on the public? You want your vehicles to look perfectly at home in the driveways of stately homes throughout Charleston and Summerville. 

Plus, did you know there are over 100 HVAC service companies in the Charleston area? That’s hefty competition doing the same basic work that you offer. How do you make your company stand apart from the rest? Of course, you want to be known for superior value, reliable customer service, and honest pricing. But what about visual appeal? 

Fleet vehicle wraps in Summerville can be customized to reflect your brand and messaging. Vehicle wraps are subtle, memorable, and classy. Virtually every business is using them, mainly because they are so uniquely customizable. Choose from any color, style, wording, graphics, and size, and fit to practically any type of vehicle. 

Maximize Your Advertising Dollars 

Business expenses are always something to manage closely to maintain an adequate profit margin for your business. Advertising is essential, and yet can be a black hole that sucks away your treasure. Maximize your advertising dollars with fleet vehicle wraps in Summerville. 

Every place your service vehicles roll gets a glimpse of your brand. Every home or business where they park to work or take a lunch break provides advertising for passersby. How can you calculate the value of that? Some advertising experts use these numbers: 


  • 1.26 million impressions per year per vehicle 
  • Between 30,000 and 80,000 impressions daily


How does that compare next to television, radio, print, and online advertising? What is the estimated cost of impressions for these mediums vs. your fleet of wrapped vehicles? And the above numbers are for a single vehicle. How many HVAC service trucks do you have? The advertising potential is mind-boggling. 

Protect Your Investment 

Your service trucks go everywhere, in all kinds of weather and road conditions, and they can easily show the wear of use. Fleet vehicle wraps in Summerville from Wrapstar provide a protective shield over the covered portions of your vehicles. This helps to deflect rocks, debris, dirt, chips, and other objects that can do expensive damage to painted surfaces. 

Moreover, what happens when it’s time to trade your fleet vehicles in on newer models? The trade-in value will be substantially higher with protected vehicles. You’ll have much less damage for all the miles of use. And, the custom wraps peel off with no residue, leaving a clean painted surface on your vehicles. 

HVAC Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Summerville 

Come to Wrapstar for custom HVAC fleet vehicle wraps in Summerville, South Carolina. We offer top quality products, seasoned service, and real value that’s hard to beat. Contact us today for an estimate and share your vision for how your HVAC service vehicles should impact the area and magnify your brand. 

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