Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Charleston — Can Pest Control Clients Find You?

The pest control industry is one of the easiest to enter as either a part-time or full time service provider. Opportunities abound with franchises or as an independent contractor to residential or commercial customers. With this growing popularity, how will you make sure your Lowcountry pest control business gets noticed? With fleet vehicle wraps in Charleston from Wrapstar. 

More Pests = More Demands for Your Services 

South Carolina’s climate and geographic location is ripe for pests. From mice and squirrels to bed bugs, termites, and mosquitoes, area homes and businesses are at risk for unhealthy and damaging infestations if not properly protected. 


  • From 2017 into the current year, motels, homes, and movie theaters saw an upsurge in bedbugs.
  • Recent news has included the emergence of the Zika virus, which is carried by mosquitoes.
  • The southeastern US continues to see the Aedes aegypti mosquito.
  • Dampness abounds near the coast, making wood the perfect target for termites.
  • Squirrels love large, overhanging trees that give access to homes and business properties.


All this and more means pest control services are in great demand throughout Charleston, Summerville, and the surrounding communities. If you are considering starting up your own pest control company, the market is wide open and opportunities are numerous. But how can you differentiate your company from hosts of others? 

Standing Out in a Growing Industry 

Perhaps the most popular means of mobile advertising today is fleet vehicle wraps. With literally tens of thousands of impressions every day for each vehicle, you can spread the word about your pest control company far and wide as you conduct business, take a lunch break, and more. Everywhere you go, you let potential customers know who you are and why they should call you for service. 


Dull, uninspiring service vehicles are the norm. Stand out with colorful, illustrative, and informative fleet vehicle wraps in Charleston that showcase your brand and messaging with flair, class, and professionalism. 

Protect and Advertise with Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Charleston

Fleet vehicle wraps in Charleston offer more than just mobile advertising. Tough, protective vinyl wraps protect your painted and other covered surfaces from damage. Your pest control trucks go everywhere in every type of weather, and are exposed to wind, rain, road wear, sea spray, and road rash. 


Commercial grade vinyl wraps protect your vehicles by shielding them from impacts and scratches, making them look better longer. Plus, when it’s time to trade in your old fleet for new vehicles, the wraps peel right off with no glue residue or prints. Your vehicles will look like new and bring a higher trade value. 


Make sure pest control clients throughout Chalreston and the Lowcountry can find you with fleet vehicle wraps in Charleston for your service trucks and cars. Virtually any make and model of vehicle can wear a customized wrap, either partially or completely. Wrapstar offers different options to fit the budgets of small and large businesses. Call us today and explore the options available with fleet vehicle wraps for your pest control business. 

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