Commercial Vehicle Wraps

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Commercial vehicle wraps are the most effective way to catch attention for your business over a wide area. Your company cars, trucks, equipment, boats, food trucks, delivery trucks and other vehicles become mobile billboards directing clients to your business from all over your service area. Your effective marketing range only increases as you serve your clients throughout Charleston and the surrounding towns.

Wrapstar is your professional source for commercial vehicle wraps for virtually any type or size vehicle. We work with you to create eye-catching and memorable designs that provide information and a visible reference to help clients remember your company. Our custom commercial vehicle wraps are created to fit your specific needs, messaging, and budget.

Commercial vehicle wraps by Wrapstar come in an unbelievable range of options. Our fully customizable wrap options allow you to deliver a dramatic message, more subtle messaging or anything in between. Cover the entire vehicle including windows with a branded design, or only choose to wrap part of the vehicle. We even offer spot graphics or smaller window coverings that can easily fit any budget or industry.



Cars, buses, vans, box trucks and boats can all be completely covered with your printed graphic design. This includes every painted surface and glass for a fully cohesive appearance. You get maximum exposure and protection of most surfaces.



Save money with partial vehicle wraps that are strategically designed to use your base vehicle color to give the appearance of a full wrap. Leave the top and hood original while only wrapping the sides. Or wrap the front or rear and leave the other end as a contrasting color to your design. We can custom wrap any portion of your vehicles you desire.
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Popular spot graphics applications typically include your company logo on the doors or hood of your company vehicles. Add a tagline or motto down the side or across the back for more personalized advertising. Window decals can be effective and eye catching while only requiring a fraction of the cost; and they are easily removed and replaced.


Wrapstar offers custom window coverings that match your overall vehicle wrap or as a singular wrap option. These coverings are see-through from the inside for safety, but appear as a colorful design from the outside.


Outdoor advertising has long been proven as an effective method of reaching a wide variety of audiences with brand messaging. The average Out of Home (OOH) type of advertising routinely generates as much as five times the investment. Stop wasting money on static ads that only get noticed by a limited viewership. Commercial vehicle wraps from Wrapstar are affordable and long-lasting; plus, they go where your clientele live, work and hang out throughout Charleston and the low country.

Increase Brand Awareness Without Being Offensive

Discerning consumers are more sensitive than ever toward in-your-face and intrusive forms of advertising. Online pop-ups and ad-covered web pages have only trained today’s consumers to tune out advertising. Your rolling company billboard with a custom vehicle wrap is captivating and gets the point across quickly and effectively. This form of advertising is already immensely popular throughout the lowcountry. Wrapstar Vehicle Wraps provides a variety of businesses the ability to stand out and get noticed. Brand recognition is created from your vehicle being seen regularly on the roadways. Stand out from the crowd and drive to your next appointment, service call, or event in a professionally presented vehicle.

Protect Your Vehicles’ Finish & Value

Commercial vehicle wraps from Wrapstar are more than an aesthetic advertising investment. They are also an investment into preserving your company vehicles in Charleston. The durable and removable custom wrap we install adds a layer of protection for your vehicles’ finish. The high quality vinyl can help protect your vehicle from light scratches and can self heal in the sun. When you’re ready to upgrade to newer cars or trucks, a professionally removed vehicle wrap will come off without damaging your vehicle’s surface. Contact Wrapstar of Charleston, SC when you need high quality design, creation and installation of commercial vehicle wraps for your company fleet.





We offer a variety of customized wrap options for all of our vehicle types.  Some of the different wrap services include color change wraps, custom graphics, pinstripes, vinyl wrap removal, spot graphics, decals, full wraps, or partial wraps. Custom wraps can be used to promote any type of business or event, and they can be very creative and eye-catching. If you’re looking for a way to change the appearance of your vehicle, consider having a custom wrap designed for you today!


At Wrapstar, we put you in the driver’s seat as we work to customize your vehicle. We start by scheduling a design meeting with our graphic design team to understand your vision and goals. We pull logos, files and any type of imagery that is inspiring your wrap design.   Then our team of professionally trained installers work to put your vision to life, ensuring that your vehicle looks amazing at every angle.