The Dopest Car in the World | They Cloned Tyrone | Netflix

They Cloned Tyrone star John Boyega and director Juel Taylor meet the Donk Master who unveils the freshest donk ever that’s been made for the film. Watch The Official “They Cloned Tyrone” Netflix Promo!

Crafting something special, something that aligns with a storyline but also stands out as a masterpiece in its own right is an art in which we at Wrapstar Vehicle Wraps excel. This was evident more than ever when we were given the opportunity to work on a peculiar project for the highly anticipated movie “They Cloned Tyrone”.

The film starred John Boyega with director Juel Taylor at the helm. They teamed up with us and the renowned Donk Master — a true genius at car customizations with unparalleled creativity for automobile detailing. Our mission was clear and challenging: bring to life the freshest donk ever envisioned, exclusively for the film.

The Brainstorming Session:

This journey began with a series of creative exchanges between us, John Boyega, Juel Taylor, and the Donk Master. The goal was to chalk out the specs for the vehicle: the color, the graphics, and crucially, the wrap that would embody the essence of the movie.

The Creation:

Once we’d nailed down the specifics, it was time for us to design. We drafted initial designs and presented them to the film crew for approval. This phase was all about transforming discussions in a meeting room into a tangible design on screen.


Manufacturing & Execution:

With design approval out of the way, our team at Wrapstar was ready to spring to action. We unleashed our distinct proficiency in decal and vinyl wrapping to transform the approved design into reality. Our expertise allowed us to ensure that the wrap matched the car’s every curve and contour, giving it a flawless look.

The Big Reveal:

Then came the much-anticipated moment – the unveiling of the car with its unique wrap, ready to shine on screen. We were excited to watch John Boyega, Juel Taylor, and the Donk Master reveal the freshest donk car ever made for the film “They Cloned Tyrone”. The result was breathtaking! Check out the final results below! 

This collaboration was yet another opportunity for us at Wrapstar to stamp our mark in the vehicle customization space. We transcend beyond just vehicle wrapping, we create mobile masterpieces. No matter your needs — a car that tells a story or a custom wrap for your vehicle — we at Wrapstar are committed to delivering excellence.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out “They Cloned Tyrone” and see our handiwork shine on the big screen. It stands as a testament to both our talent and the fantastic potential of vehicle wrapping.

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