Vehicle Wraps in Charleston SC

vehicle wraps charleston sc



Vinyl wraps are all the rage for the ultimate level in vehicle personalization throughout the Low Country. Any type of vehicle can be wrapped to enhance its appearance and protect its finish. Express your originality on your car, advertise your business on fleet trucks, show your school spirit on a golf cart, promote your professional fishing team on your boat, and more. Wrapstar is your premier source for complete vehicle wraps in Charleston. 

Personal and Commercial Vehicle Wraps 

Personal vehicle wraps are the most popular trend among many demographics, easily changing your car’s appearance, color, or style. 


  • Completely change the color of your vehicle
  • Add graphics or stylized lettering 
  • Wrap parts of the car or the entire vehicle 
  • Cover windows and plastic bumpers as well as paint 
  • Create virtually any custom design, pattern, color, or graphic 
  • Each wrap is custom designed for your make and model of vehicle 


Commercial Vehicle Wrapping is a wildly popular option for showcasing your brand on your company fleet of vehicles. Commercial vehicle wraps in Charleston by Wrapstar can be created for single company vehicles or dozens in your fleet, all wearing your logo and serving as mobile advertisements to spread the word about your services. 


  • Maximize your advertising budget with partial or full wrap options 
  • Offer a consistent message and brand while your employees travel 
  • Present clean, neat, and professional appearing vehicles to raise awareness for your brand 
  • Protect your vehicle finishes for better trade-in values when it’s time to upgrade your fleet 


Wrapstar has the custom vehicle wraps in Charleston you need for all your personal and commercial needs. Contact us today to learn more! 

Comprehensive Vehicle Wraps in Charleston 

Wrapstar is your source for comprehensive service when you need vehicle wraps in Charleston, SC. We work with you throughout the entire process of getting a custom wrap, unlike many of our competitors who farm out design or installation to some anonymous third party in a garage somewhere. 


  1. Attend a design meeting with our graphic design team to share your vision and goals. 
  2. Our team gathers resources to feed or inspire your wrap design. 
  3. We create sample designs and you choose the one that suits your needs and desires the best. 
  4. Our own design team then creates the custom wrap in-house on our own advanced equipment. 
  5. Our own installation team put your vision to life, professionally installing your custom wrap at our own facility to ensure your complete satisfaction.


We guarantee your vehicle will look fantastic from every angle! Contact Wrapstar today for custom vehicle wraps in Charleston from a team of certified professionals. 





We offer a variety of customized wrap options for all of our vehicle types.  Some of the different wrap services include color change wraps, custom graphics, pinstripes, vinyl wrap removal, spot graphics, decals, full wraps, or partial wraps. Custom wraps can be used to promote any type of business or event, and they can be very creative and eye-catching. If you’re looking for a way to change the appearance of your vehicle, consider having a custom wrap designed for you today!


At Wrapstar, we put you in the driver’s seat as we work to customize your vehicle. We start by scheduling a design meeting with our graphic design team to understand your vision and goals. We pull logos, files and any type of imagery that is inspiring your wrap design.   Then our team of professionally trained installers work to put your vision to life, ensuring that your vehicle looks amazing at every angle.